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Your DevOps Toolchain Manager
Choose the best DevOps tools that you love.
DevStream will take care of the rest.
Quick Start
What You Can Do with DevStream
Kickoff DevOps in 5 Minutes

Tired of investigating and integrating all the DevOps tools?
Get your toolchain up and running with one command line.

Compose or Extend Your Toolchain like Lego

Boost team productivity by plugging in or upgrading any DevOps tool you need, with minimal overhead.
Unleash the full potential of your toolchain with best practices.

Embrace New Opportunities

Say goodbye to vendor lock-in. Never let your toolchain become your bottleneck.
Feel the pulse of new DevOps tools and new practices.

Why DevStream

Too much effort integrating and maintaining every piece of DevOps?
Difficult (if not impossible) to track who changed what config?
Too much hassle to replace one of your DevOps tools?
Small team, a lot of tools, and way too few DevOps engineers to fully realize your pipelines?
Worry no more.DevStream will get you covered.

How DevStream Works

DevOps toolchain as Code
Centrally manage your toolchain with versioned code, and keep track of every change.
Core-Plugin Architecture
No reinvention of the wheels. Simply create a plugin, and connect any tools you like with DevStream.
Best Practice Inheritance
Import toolchain configuration that meets your needs.
Implement inbuilt best practices and share yours with the world.
See Architecture
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