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Open-Source Contributor-Associate
Open-Source ContributorAssociate
Earners of this certification have a comprehensive level of Go programming and DevOps tools. They demonstrated the ability to contribute code or documentation to open-source projects, write robust Golang programs, and have a working knowledge of open-source DevOps tools. Badge owners can develop Golang apps following open-source collaboration processes, work with open-source, state-of-the-art CNCF DevOps tools, and write good documentation.
DevOpsGo (Programming Language)Open-Source SoftwareSoftware DevelopmentSoftware EngineeringTechnical Content Writing
Wu Xu
Wu XuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/03/05
Yingchu Chen
Yingchu ChenOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/03/12
SummingYuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/03/14
Kaitian Xie
Kaitian XieOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/03/27
Xuecheng Hou
Xuecheng HouOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/08
Ran Wei
Ran WeiOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/09
Liangyu Xiao
Liangyu XiaoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/11
Ziyu Wang
Ziyu WangOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/12
Hepeng Li
Hepeng LiOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/13
Junyu Liu
Junyu LiuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/18
Dunyu Song
Dunyu SongOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/19
Shubham Gupta
Shubham GuptaOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/19
Chenglin Yang
Chenglin YangOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/19
Yaozong Li
Yaozong LiOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/20
Weiping Luo
Weiping LuoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/22
Jie Sheng
Jie ShengOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/24
Fei Chen
Fei ChenOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/05/24
Dengpeng Liu
Dengpeng LiuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/09
Xiaoli Rao
Xiaoli RaoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/09
Zheng Huang
Zheng HuangOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/14
Xiongxiong Yuan
Xiongxiong YuanOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/20
Wei Xu
Wei XuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/20
Jiaqing An
Jiaqing AnOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/21
Zhenhang Zhao
Zhenhang ZhaoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/21
Yisong Han
Yisong HanOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/22
Weiwei Ding
Weiwei DingOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/22
Dehao Cheng
Dehao ChengOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/27
Ruicun Guo
Ruicun GuoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/27
Xianjie Shen
Xianjie ShenOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/29
Xianghui Zeng
Xianghui ZengOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/29
Binshuo Zu
Binshuo ZuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/30
Wyatt Jia
Wyatt JiaOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/30
Zhiqi Zeng
Zhiqi ZengOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/30
Haichao Wang
Haichao WangOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/30
Lei Wu
Lei WuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/06/30
Prasurjya Pran Borah
Prasurjya Pran BorahOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/04
Qiang Gao
Qiang GaoOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/04
Ben Ye
Ben YeOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/05
Prajwal Borkar
Prajwal BorkarOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/06
karasartOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/07
Zilin Liu
Zilin LiuOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/08
Hao Ke
Hao KeOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/18
Minghao Li
Minghao LiOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/18
LauraOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/07/19
Peng Zhang
Peng ZhangOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/08/08
Zhenyuan Lau
Zhenyuan LauOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/08/10
Ihor Sychevskyi
Ihor SychevskyiOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/10/08
Zheyu Tian
Zheyu TianOpen-Source Contributor - Associate2022/10/08